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May 6, 2020 2:00 pm–3:00 pm

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What impact will the COVID-19 pandemic have on the property valuation process and tax levies? How can you best be prepared during the appraisal appeal process? This webinar will prepare you to navigate the property tax valuation process in the COVID-19 era, know the right questions to ask and prepare for property tax rate setting. Hear from a panel of experts, including Dale Craymer, President, Texas Taxpayers and Research Association (TTARA); Carl Walker, Senior Analyst, TTARA; Gilbert Davila, Principal, Popp Hutcheson PLLC; and James LeBas, tax and fiscal consultant to address these issues and answer your questions.

Please send questions in advance to to help ensure we address major issues of concern.

This webinar is co-sponsored by the Texas Apartment Association and the Texas Taxpayers and Research Association.