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Texas Comptroller Panel - Updates for Chapter 313, Franchise Tax and other Statistics
Type : Public Presentation
Dated: 11/30/2017 Categories: Sales Tax , Franchise Tax , Fiscal Policy , Other Taxes , Meeting Handouts , Public Presentations and Testimony , Economic Development
Files: Mike_Reissig_AnnualMeetingPresentations_11_17.pdf (1 MB)  
2017 TTARA Annual Meeting Presentation
Hurricane Harvey - The Fiscal Toolbox
Type : Newsletter
Dated: 09/28/2017 Categories: Fiscal Policy
Files: TTARAHurricaneHarveyReport_9_17.pdf (1 MB)  
TTARA Research Report
Wrap-Up for the 85th Legislature: Taxes and School Finance
Type : Newsletter
Dated: 08/30/2017 Categories: School Finance & Education , Property Tax , Sales Tax , Franchise Tax , Fiscal Policy , Other Taxes , Economic Development
Files: 85thLegislativeSessionWrapUpReport_8_17.pdf (1 MB)  
It's March in an odd-numbered year, so Texas lawmakers must be arguing rainy-day dollars
Type : News Article
Dated: 03/28/2017 Categories: Fiscal Policy
Files: DMN_TexasLegandtheRainyDayFund_3_28_17.pdf (2 MB)  
Lawmakers continue to debate if it is raining in Texas
Type : News Article
Dated: 03/20/2017 Categories: Fiscal Policy
Files: SanAntonioExpressNewsLawmakersDebateUsingESF_3_20_17.pdf (1 MB)  
TTARA report explores: Why was the ‘Rainy Day Fund’ created?
Type : Press Release
Dated: 03/06/2017 Categories: Fiscal Policy
Files: PR_RainyDayFundReport_3_6_17.pdf (415 KB)  
The Economic Stabilization Fund: Origins and Historical Use
Type : Newsletter
Dated: 03/03/2017 Categories: Fiscal Policy
Files: RainyDayFund_3_17.pdf (1 MB)  
How the hobbled oil industry is clouding the Texas budget forecast
Type : News Article
Dated: 07/08/2016 Categories: Fiscal Policy
Files: StatesmanArticle_OilIndustryCloudingTxBudget_7_9_16.pdf (837 KB)  
Comments on the State Spending Limit by Dale Craymer to Senate Finance Committee May 17, 2016
Type : Public Presentation
Dated: 05/17/2016 Categories: Fiscal Policy , Public Presentations and Testimony
Files: CommentsonStateSpendingLimits_FinanceHearing_5_17_16.pdf (46 KB)  
84th Senate Interim Charges Part V: Finance; Business and Commerce
Type : Other Document
Dated: 10/14/2015 Categories: Property Tax , Sales Tax , Franchise Tax , Fiscal Policy , Other Taxes
Files: Senate_Interim_Charges_84_pt5.pdf (122 KB)